France and the future of European defence

06 September 2017 - 15:00 - 17:30
Paul Taylor

Over the past year, France has been thrust to the centre of the conversation on the future of European defence. Donald Trump’s presidency, Brexit, mass migration, Russia’s increased assertiveness, and violent conflicts across the globe have sparked a reassessment of France’s role in European security. This roundtable will allow for a frank and timely discussion of Friends of Europe’s recent report “Crunch time: France and the future of European defence”, which examines how political parties and senior security and defence stakeholders in France and beyond approach France’s strategic position in the European security landscape.

For further reading see the Friends of Europe’s report “Crunch time: France and the future of European defence”.

This event is co-organised with the Atlantic Council of the United States.
Please note that this event is by invitation only and takes place in Washington, D.C.

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The 9/11 terrorist attacks signalled a seismic shift in global security and the emergence of a fluctuating multipolar system. Military endeavours must be combined with economic, judicial and democratic capacity-building to build sustainable peace.

The digital revolution has yielded both opportunities and challenges. The global financial crisis shook the economic system and harmed citizens’ trust in institutions. Now there are major questions about the European project, transatlantic relations and the future of NATO.

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Roundtable discussion “Crunch time: France and the future of European defence

Paul Taylor / Author of Friends of Europe report “Crunch time: France and the future of European defence”


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Paul Taylor
Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe, Contributing Editor for Politico and Author of “Jumping over its shadow: Germany and the future of European defence”
Paul writes the ‘Europe at Large’ column for Politico and is a freelance writer and broadcaster based in Paris. He was previously European affairs editor at Reuters and served as a foreign correspondent for 39 years in Europe and the Middle East. His assignments have included covering the Iranian revolution, the Cold War Euromissile crisis, the 1991 Gulf War, German reunification, the Maastricht summit, France in the 1990s, EU enlargement, the Eurozone crisis and the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt. He is also the author of the report "Crunch time: France and the future of European defence".
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