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Finding new roles in some uncharted territories
23 Jun 2017
Finding a pathway to reinvent government for the 21st century
30 May 2017
EU should work with ASEAN to bring about continued peace and stability
19 May 2017
Small steps won’t solve exponential problem of climate change
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"As always, there are many calls for reform of the EU budget"

19 Oct 2017

"The global enthusiasm around UBI must be viewed as a sign of the failures in current social protection systems"

"The EU should make mediation a central plank of its response to dealing with seemingly intractable political challenges"

19 Oct 2017
Housing Solutions Platform

"England needs 222,000 homes more annually, every year until at least 2037"

16 Oct 2017
Investing in Sustainable Peace and Development

"The international community prioritised security above development and used the latter as an instrument of stabilisation within a strictly securit

16 Oct 2017
Frankly Speaking

"Regionalism, not to say separatism, has become a predominant force in Europe because voters perceive a centralisation of policymaking"