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The end is in sight, but we must hasten its demise
6 Feb 2017
Digital flows now outweigh goods flows
3 Feb 2017
In light fidelity we have found a resource equivalent to mineral oil
2 Feb 2017
We have to pay more attention to the peaceful uses of outer space
31 Jan 2017
Private business can provide much-needed creativity
24 Jan 2017
How should Europe’s digital skills, labour market and regulatory framework evolve?
We need a decentralised and consumer-focused approach
17 Jan 2017
At its most dangerous, it can turn into Orwellian newspeak
13 Jan 2017
Second thoughts will come, and they will change the face of British politics
10 Jan 2017
Eight ideas to address a long-standing issue
Acknowledging differences - whether cultural, linguistic or religious – is important
21 Dec 2016
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"As always, there are many calls for reform of the EU budget"

19 Oct 2017

"The global enthusiasm around UBI must be viewed as a sign of the failures in current social protection systems"

"The EU should make mediation a central plank of its response to dealing with seemingly intractable political challenges"

19 Oct 2017
Housing Solutions Platform

"England needs 222,000 homes more annually, every year until at least 2037"

16 Oct 2017
Investing in Sustainable Peace and Development

"The international community prioritised security above development and used the latter as an instrument of stabilisation within a strictly securit

16 Oct 2017
Frankly Speaking

"Regionalism, not to say separatism, has become a predominant force in Europe because voters perceive a centralisation of policymaking"