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European Young Leaders
Josep-Maria Gascón
Chairman of the International Advisory Board World Chemical Summit

Josep-Maria has over 20 years of international experience, having held senior positions in finance leadership, global strategy as well as legal and tax advice. Before his current role, Josep-Maria was Head of Finance Excellence at the chemical giant Solvay. Previously, he was one of Solvay’s leading tax lawyers, serving as Associate General of Tax at the Belgium-based global headquarters and Director of Tax for Spain and Portugal. Josep-Maria received a ‘40 under 40’ award, which acknowledges the best forty young lawyers from Spain and Portugal and was appointed as ‘Business Ambassador’ by the Government of Catalonia, recognising his role in attracting investment to the region.

Mamoun Ghallab
Founder MakeSense

Mamoun is a Moroccan adviser and activist on sustainable development who founded in 2015 MakeSense, a sustainable development consultancy firm and has over six years of professional experience in environmental strategy consultancy and management. Mamoun gained media attention after launching Zero Zbel Xperience, an environmental association which seeks to educate Moroccan youth on environmental protection, sustainable consumption and recycling through the adoption of a ‘zero-waste’ lifestyle. In recognition of his efforts and expertise, he was part of the Moroccan delegation to the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference. He has often featured in the Moroccan press for his environmental activism and has also given a TED talk on the Zero Zbel Experience.

Edvard Glücksman
Senior Environmental & Social Specialist, Wardell Armstrong LLP

Edvard is a Chartered Scientist specialising in understanding environmental and social impacts of development projects around the world. His most recent work has focused on mitigating negative impacts to align mining projects in Kazakhstan with international standards. Edvard is also affiliated with the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute, where he lectures on sustainability issues and corporate social responsibility. He has previously held a number of roles at the interface of science and society, having worked at the European Geosciences Union and the UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology. He holds MSc and PhD degrees from the University of Oxford and undergraduate degrees from the University of St Andrews and McGill University.

Jamy Goewie
Founder & Co-Director Ashoka

Jamy supports young entrepreneurs as a member of the European Leadership Platform’s advisory board, and as the Country Director of Ashoka, the worldwide network of social entrepreneurs. She is also a board member of the Child at Venture Foundation, which she founded in 2005, and where she acted as Executive Director for over seven years. In 2010, she established an office in the Philippines, where she remains chairperson of the Youth at Venture Foundation. She is also a board member of the Children of Bulgaria Foundation, which supports Bulgarian orphanages through food and educational programmes. She has a Master’s degree in Geography and another in Pedagogical Studies as well as a Bachelor’s in Policy, Strategy and Management for Non-Profit.

Czech Republic
Pavla Gomba
Executive Director, UNICEF Czech Republic

Pavla is the Executive director of UNICEF in the Czech Republic. Under her leadership, the Czech UNICEF has become not only a strong advocate for children’s rights, but also a leading fundraising organisation, with a contribution rate of 82% (the 3rd highest in the worldwide network), emerging from a recipient of international funding to the net donor to the international causes – an experience that is now viewed as an inspiration for the new business model of UNICEF in middle-income countries. Pavla has extensive experience of missions in developing countries, ranging from the areas hit by natural disasters and post-conflict countries to the countries struggling with high poverty rates and social inequalities. Pavla is also a member of the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting to which she was elected by the Czech Parliament. She is currently carrying out a PhD at the Technical University of Ostrava, focusing on international security and terrorism and she holds an MSc in Finance from the University of Economics, Prague.

Javier Gonzalez Alvarez
International Director Digimarc

Javier is Founder and CEO of aquaMobile SL, a mobile value-added services provider based in Madrid. AquaMobile SL is one of the most successful digital watermarking solutions companies; its products are recognised throughout the field and used in all kinds of media. Aquamobile SL won several prestigious awards, such as the Top Global 100 RedHerring winner and the NETI Award. He has also worked in management roles for various start-ups, such as Alvento and Mobile 365 Inc. He is Co-founder of the tMA Foundation, which encourages innovative and entrepreneurial projects in conjunction with MIT. Javier is a graduate from the Madrid Polytechnic University and ESCP Europe.

Jan Goossens
Artistic Director, Festival de Marseille

Jan is Artistic Director of KVS, the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels, since 2001. He has established an ambitious artistic programme that embraces the intercultural and linguistic diversity of Brussels. He is the initiator of cultural exchange programmes between Belgium, the Congo and the Arab world, and is a Belgian Fellow of the Eisenhower Foundation. Jan has also written several books and articles on subjects such as culture, media and the future of Belgium and Europe.

Alina Gorghiu
Member, Senate of Romania

Alina is a Romanian lawyer and politician who is actively engaged in the local life of the city of Bucharest. In addition to being a lawyer and mediator in criminal investigations she is also former a Member of the Chamber of Deputies in the Romanian Parliament where she acts as Secretary for the Legal, Disciplinary and Immunities Committee. She studied Law, Administration and Political Science at well-known Romanian universities, and she is currently a PhD candidate in Criminal Law. Alina graduated from Harvard University’s Public Leaders in Southeast Europe programme.

Soulaima Gourani
Chief Executive Officer, Capital Aid

Soulaima is a speaker, consultant, author, blogger and an active board member in several public and private companies. It is her vision to change the world into a better more tolerant place through trade and business, and relations between countries and people. She spends part of her time and her own money travelling around the world on “impact journeys”. In recent years she has been to Mexico, UAE, India, Jordan, Myanmar and China to work with local entrepreneurs, young global leaders, local schools, change makers and NGOs. Since 2007, she has worked as an advisor and speaker for more than 1000 clients. She has received several prestigious awards including the Rising Star, the Talent 100 prize 2004, PowerWomen, 20 Greatest Nordic Thinkers. Soulaima holds an E-MBA from the Copenhagen Business School. In 2017, she joined the World Economic Forum’s Expert Network as an Expert in Behavioural Sciences Education and Skills.

Jakob Haesler
Co-Founder Project Alloy

 Prior to founding Project Alloy, Jakob was the CEO and Co-Founder of Tinyclues SAS, a Paris-based software startup with the objective of industrialising datamining on Big Data with the help of avanced machine learning algorithms in a Cloud Computing environment. Previously he was a partner and consultant at McKinsey & Company in Germany and France where he worked on topics ranging from Banking to Public Sector Reform to Global Public Health issues, notably the creation and distribution of child HIV treatments. Prior to McKinsey he briefly worked at the World Bank. He holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor of Science from the University of St. Gallen. Jakob is also a founding partner of the “Cercle du Leadership".

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