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Policy choices for a digital age
Friends of Europe has crowdsourced ideas, opinions, insights and experiences from policymakers, industry and civil society, to think deeply about the implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution. We convened three high-level working groups,
Friends of Europe at Net Futures 2017
9 Aug 2017
Net Futures 2017 conference
4 Jul 2017
Asia Programme
The Asia Programme, including the Europe-China Forum, looks at the political, economic and social facets of the 'Asian Century', Europe’s interaction with China and the region’s other fastest growing economies as well as Asia’s less developed countri
Housing Solutions Platform
The Housing Solutions Platform is a new, expertise- and practice-driven initiative to identify, debate and promote innovative solutions for affordable housing in Europe.
Disruptive models of healthcare for Europe
This publication brings together the views of Friends of Europe’s large network of health professionals, policymakers, scholars and business representatives on disruptive innovation for health.
European Young Leaders
What do a microbiologist, an entrepreneur, a journalist and a Member of Parliament have in common? They are all European Young Leaders who are engaged in making Europe a global champion for a better world. The European Young Leaders (EYL40) pro