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Attitudes to Brexit will be the new divide
Mon 22 May, 23:08
Views from the Capitals
Fri 19 May, 12:31
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A Conversation With Husein Kavazović
Mon 15 May, 08:49
Future of Europe
Time for a Europe of people, not nations
Tue 09 May, 13:53
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Mon 08 May, 08:55
French elections 2017
Forget the anti-establishment debates: the mainstream parties are not dead
Fri 05 May, 11:03
Women in politics
More communication, connection and community needed
Thu 04 May, 08:36
What do a microbiologist, an entrepreneur, a journalist and a Member of Parliament have in common? They are all European Young Leaders who are engaged in making Europe a global champion for a better world. The European Young Leaders (EYL40) pro
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"Regionalism, not to say separatism, has become a predominant force in Europe because voters perceive a centralisation of policymaking"