Roundtable on DS+ Recommendations

26 November 2018 - 09:00 - 16:00

Friends of Europe is delighted to be partnering with Hedayah for the local launch of the 2018 Debating Security Plus (DS+) report in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

DS+ is a unique global online brainstorm which gathers over a thousand of participants from the world of peace, security and defence—and beyond—to develop sustainable solutions to some of the biggest security problems facing the world today. Its report sets out 10 top recommendations addressing practical policy goals and shifts in security thinking, underpinned by a realistic roadmap for implementation.

The one-day roundtable will ensure that experts, youth and professionals in UAE have the opportunity to shape such recommendations and provide their input and feedback on the implementation in the MENA region.

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DS+ is an unique global online brainstorm which gathers thousands of participants from the world of peace, security and defence—and beyond—to develop sustainable solutions to some of the biggest security challenges facing the world today.

One day roundtable to launch the Debating Security Plus Report in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The one-day event will offer the opportunity for locally-based experts, youth, academia, private sector and policy makers to discuss in depth such global recommendations and the applicability in the MENA region. Participants will be able to discuss the content of the recommendation and its long-term and short-term strategies for implementation with the aim to contextualize it for the MENA region. 

From the 10 DS+ recommendations this roundtable specifically focuses on Recommendation 7, “Use criminal rehabilitation programs as a model for re-integrating violent extremists back into society” and on Recommendation 9 “Include both Nuclear and Non-Nuclear States to Guide the Process of Tangible Denuclearisation.”

Are there successful solutions for reintegrating criminal gangs that can be utilized for countering violent extremism?  Our recommendation highlights the importance of psychological support as a means to ensure full dis-engagement and rehabilitation.

How can we limit the proliferation of nuclear weapons and work towards denuclearisation globally?  Our recommendation seeks to expand the actors involved in discussions about nuclear weapons. For the Middle East, more states are proceeding with nuclear energy, giving them a prominent role in debates on weapons proliferation.






Antonia Erlandsson, Programme Manager

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