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26 February 2018 - 19:30 - 21:30

ASEAN and the European Union have come a long way since they established diplomatic relations forty years ago. Having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2017, ASEAN is embarking on a new chapter in its journey towards deeper regional cooperation and integration. The 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome last year, on the other hand, was a bittersweet occasion as governments pledged to forge ahead as an “EU 27” following Britain’s decision to leave the Union.

The changing global landscape has resulted in both blocs being very attractive to other countries hoping to increase cooperation, including in trade, security and sustainability. This provides a unique opportunity for ASEAN and Europe to step up cooperation on areas of shared concern, including ASEAN’s 2018 priorities – such as efforts to strengthen resilience and the ability to innovate - set out by Singapore as the group’s new chair.

On the eve of the EU-ASEAN Strategic Thinkers Forum, this dinner debate will bring together around 30 senior stakeholders from both sides for a forward-looking, no-holds-barred conversation on what’s right and what’s wrong in relations between the two regions.

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ASEAN and the European Union have come a long way since they established diplomatic relations forty years ago. Today, both are connected by a swathe of common concerns but are also similarly challenged by geopolitical transformations and uncertainties. Over the years, ASEAN and the EU have crafted an ambitious agenda for increased cooperation on bilateral issues and global questions. But this increased inter-action has also been marked by challenges such as differences on human rights, the EU’s phytosanitary trade standards and the evolving regional security architecture. 

  • What are the key challenges that ASEAN and the EU must overcome in order to forge a true strategic partnership?
  • Which are the areas where ASEAN and the EU can find common ground?
  • Why is ASEAN-EU cooperation important in an Age of Uncertainty and rapid geopolitical change?
Amanda Rohde, Programme Executive
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