Poland and the future of European defence - Report Launch in Warsaw

04 February 2019 - 10:00 - 13:00
Paul Taylor

Together with the Casimir Pulaski Foundation, Friends of Europe’s study on Poland and the future of European defence will be launched in Warsaw on Monday, 4 February. 

Authored by Paul Taylor, Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe, POLITICO columnist and for many years Reuters EU Affairs editor, it examines Poland’s strategic position, its defence relationships and diplomatic alliances, the role and current state of the armed forces, and the place of its defence industries. It will offer recommendations for how to optimise Poland’s defence policy to best assure its own long-term security interests and those of Europe.

The study complements three similar studies on France, Germany and the United Kingdom’s roles in European security and defence.

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Friends of Europe’s series of studies on European defence cooperation focus on views from the capitals and bring together influential voices that contribute to the series through interviews.

The global security landscape is in flux. From increased tensions between NATO and Russia and ongoing difficult Brexit negotiations to China’s more assertive global stand under the consolidated leadership of President Xi Jinping, new challenges are continuously putting into question global security frameworks and approaches.



Zbigniew Pisarski,  Prezes Fundacji im. Kazimierza Pułaskiego 


Presentation of the report "Fort Trump" or Bust? - Poland and the future of European Defense

Paul Taylor, Senior Fellow, Friends of Europe

Poland towards new European wave in defence sphere 

For more than two years the European Commission and a group of most influential Member States have been pushing the development of new initiatives in area of defence. A number events as Brexit referendum, the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation towards neighbours and Western countries, the election of Donald Trump amplified the tendency towards building some sort of a European defence union. However, not all the EU member states seem to be willing to go toward such kind of union prioritising NATO and bilateral relations with the US. For many countries the position of Poland seems to one of the biggest question marks as far as common European defence is concerned. So, what is Poland approach toward new European wave in defence sphere?

Paul Taylor, Senior Fellow, Friends of Europe
Marek Prawda, Marek Prawda, Head of European Commission Representation in Poland (TBC)
Marcin Terlikowski, Head of International Security Program (TBC)
Piotr Włodarski, Director of Department of Strategic Analyses, National Security Bureau (TBC)

Moderator: Tomasz Smura, Director of Research Office at Casimir Pulaski Foundation 

Paul Taylor
Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe, Contributing Editor for Politico and Author of “Safer together: the United Kingdom and the future of European security and defence”
Paul Taylor is a Senior Fellow at Friends of Europe and the author of Friends of Europe’s European Defence Cooperation report series. A Paris-based journalist, he also writes the "Europe at Large" column for Politico. He previously spent four decades working for Reuters as a foreign correspondent in Paris, Tehran, Bonn and Brussels, as bureau chief in Israel/Palestine, Berlin and Brussels, as chief correspondent in France, as diplomatic editor in London, and finally as European affairs editor. His assignments have included covering the Iranian revolution, the Cold War Euromissile crisis, the 1991 Gulf War, German reunification, the Maastricht summit, France in the 1990s, EU enlargement, the Eurozone crisis and the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt.
Casimir Pulaski



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