07 May 2019 - 17:00 - 19:00

#EuropeMatters aims to reinvigorate the relationship between citizens and the European project by creating a matrix of the choices and consequences for Europe. Our objective is simple – to mobilise a coalition of the willing united by their belief that #EuropeMatters and together ensure that Europe is better prepared to take strategic action to align the future we face with the future we want.

10 policy recommendations lie at the heart of #EuropeMatters, all underpinned by a call for a renewed social contract to reconnect Europe to its citizens through a sense of common purpose and public good. 

They reflect our work over the past 12 months with our Board of Trustees, senior stakeholder interviews and a survey of 500 policy makers. They are also informed by the views of our online citizens’ debating platform, Debating Europe. Using scenarios and data across a range of fields, the purpose of the report is to spark a debate on the future Europe.

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#EuropeMatters is a 12 month project bringing together business leaders, policymakers, civil society representatives and citizens to co-design a Europe that still matters in 2030
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What should be in the policy toolbox for the new EU Mandate?

Citizens are calling for a different and better Europe more aligned to their needs and their inclusion. Uncertainty and unpredictability appear to be the new order of the day, and are upturning the certainties that policy-makers have held for decades. The EU is in a delicate balance and the choices that it makes now will be decisive in setting its path for years to come.

But there is a silver lining.  The big message from the 11,000 people we surveyed is that with a shift in focus, Europe can still matter to them. Citizens want a renewed social contract that promotes economic growth, peace, security and sustainability for all – a contract that can be the glue that binds together citizens, government, the private sector and civil society in the belief that Europe matters, and that a strong, united Europe can deliver the right responses to take on the challenges we all face. 

Citizens want a new ‘Vision for Europe’. 

Friends of Europe will present its ‘Vision for Europe’ report setting out 10 ambitious policy recommendations and a pathway for the next EU leadership. This report aims to map the road ahead on how to construct a Europe fit for purpose in the 21st century.

  • Can the EU increase citizen participation and harness the potential of technology to open markets and secure inclusive and sustainable growth? 
  • Will it take measurable action to preserve the planet and make better use of resources? 
  • How will Europe rethink its relations with its neighbours and better explore mutually advantageous solutions to international issues? 
  • More importantly, can the EU implement a renewed social contract that puts citizens’ needs at the forefront of its priorities? What can it do to make itself matter in the future? 

Presentation of the New Vision for Europe by
Pascal Lamy
, Trustee of Friends of Europe, Honorary President of Notre Europe - Jacques Delors Institute, and Former Director General of the World Trade Organisation
With interventions and reactions from:
Spitzenkandidaten, Euro-sherpas, influencial mayors, private sector stakeholders and civil society representatives

Moderated by
Dharmendra Kanani
, Director of Insights at Friends of Europe


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Tel.: +32 2 893 98 26

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