Citizens' Europe

Event summary
Day 2 of Lisbon seminar
Fri 17 Mar, 21:06
Event summary
Day 1 of Lisbon seminar
Thu 16 Mar, 21:49
Frankly Speaking
Reviving the Commonwealth will not compensate for leaving the EU
Wed 15 Mar, 09:20
Scottish First Minister makes her move
Mon 13 Mar, 17:11
Policy briefing
What are the keys to a deal?
Sun 12 Mar, 18:00
Event report
Balkans summit - 5 December 2016
Fri 10 Mar, 14:15
Dutch elections 2017
Around ten seats could swing based on young people’s votes
Fri 10 Mar, 09:00
Ireland should work to create the conditions that make Brexit avoidable
Mon 06 Mar, 12:39
European Young Leaders
Tue 28 Feb, 13:03
Dutch elections 2017
Growing political polarisation leads to more abusive language in politics
Tue 28 Feb, 08:48
What do a microbiologist, an entrepreneur, a journalist and a Member of Parliament have in common? They are all European Young Leaders who are engaged in making Europe a global champion for a better world. The European Young Leaders (EYL40) pro